Passenger Services

From COB, Gate Assistance to First Class Passenger Concierge Services we take care of your passengers.

Passenger Services

Checkport Switzerland provides comprehensive passenger services with high added value by and from the best professionals.

The company has a permanent focus on our customer needs and innovation that allows it to be integrated into the value chain of each business. These services are the result of the experience and knowledge of the customers' risk areas.

Our Customer Service Team is the primary intermediary between our airline partners and their passengers and plays a leading role in providing the service that is critical to the achievement of successful ground handling operations. A professionally trained, dedicated team of employees ensures the smooth running of our services.

Traveling under COVID-19 restrictions

Checkport operates a travel helpline providing first hand information on how to travel under COVID-19 restrictions!
Call 0900 734 736/CHF 2.50 per minute to get the latest COVID entry regulation.

COVID-19 Test Center at Zurich Airport ZRH

Checkport operates the airside and landside COVID-19 Test Center at Zurich Airport. [Checkport COVID Test Center]

Aspire Lounges at Zürich Airport

Checkport Switzerland operates the famous Aspire Airport Lounges at ZHurich Airport. With 3 Execurive Lounges and one First Class Lounge we are the largest independet Lounge Operator at Zürich Airport. Discover the amenities of a premium Lounge service befor departing.

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Carry-on Baggage & Boarding Card Control (COB)

Our specialized team sensitizes passengers to abnormalities (COB too large, too heavy, too much) COB, active and continuous labelling of personal items within tolerance (observe new labels). Our target:

  • Mitigating the COB problem at the gate > Increasing punctuality
  • General sensitization of customers to COB issues

Inadmissible Passenger (INAD)

ICAO Facilitation Manual Annex 9, Chapter 3 part L states: "Each Contracting State shall ensure that a person found inadmissible is transferred back into the custody of the operator who shall be responsible for prompt removal to:

  1. the point where the person commenced his journey; or
  2. to any other place where the person is admissible"

The general operation performed by our specialized team, is attending to the arrival, checking-in, transiting and departure of passengers who either have documentation problems or require special assistance due to special documentation or traveling problems, to- from or transiting Airport

Dedicated Passenger Care

A specialized team provides transit assistance for passengers, regularly transit Zurich and Geneva Airport from destinations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, mainly to US destinations and Canada but also to destinations in Europe.

Exclusive Accompaniment Services

A specialized team provides services at our Airports with a maximum of discretion, comfort and time management.


  • Meeting with a personal nameboard, plate or logo directly at the aircraft door
  • FAST-TRACK through the passport control
  • Baggage assistance & lost luggage assistance
  • FAST-TRACK through the customs control


  • Accompaniment through priority check-in
  • Assistance in case of additional airport services
  • (i.e. Tax Free, Safe Bag, shopping possibilities)
  • FAST-TRACK through the security control
  • FAST-TRACK through the passport control
  • Upon request, accompaniment to duty free shopping or to the airline lounge
  • Accompaniment until gate or aircraft door