Checkport Training Centre

Instructor Competence

Our Instructors a certified to teach all regulation bodies and in German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic

Instructor Competence

All Instructors are quality tested on a regular basis to ensure quality and security measures are met and instructed correctly according to regulatory requirements.

Checkport and Instructors have completed the following competence certifications:

  • Aviation Security training in line with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)
  • Aviation Security training according to TSA/AOSSP-MSP regulations: Argentina, Brazil, Ireland, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, UK.
  • American Airlines ISCs “International Security Coordinators” Argentina
  • Approved: ISP (American Airlines) AVSEC instructors: Argentina, Switzerland & Trinidad & Tobago
  • Aviation Security training according to EU 2015/1998
  • Aviation Cargo Security instructors certified by FOCA (Federal Office of Civil Aviation)
  • Certified level 3 Aviation Security managers: Switzerland
  • Active IQ Level 3 Award in Education and Training, Switzerland 
  • Certified AIM (Alternate Interview Method) Instructor
  • Certified Chapter 11 TSA passenger interviewing process instructors
  • Certified ETD (Explosive Trace Detection) training
  • Document Verification certified specializing in visa entry requirements, Forgery, Imposter detection (E, I). All destinations
  • Certified X-Ray Instructor
  • Certified Category 6 Dangerous Goods Instructor: FOCA/IATA certified

Airport Security Induction: Certified by local authorities (FOCA) delivering as stipulated in the national NASP.