US Flights

Dealing with US carriers? TSA AOSSP chapter 11 trained by our professionals is the basic to success.

Special Course

All Instructors for this module are in line with the TSA / AOSSP.

  • Introduction
  • Critical signs
  • Suspicious signs in documentation
  • Suspicious signs in appearance and behaviour
  • Positive signs
  • Mandatory baggage control questions (MBCQ)
  • Reading and understanding passenger’s answers and body language

Some countries have imposed a specific Passenger Assessment program in order to assess and determine a passenger’s travel status.

As an example, the TSA has enhanced their screening processes by having and introducing these assessment programs for passengers traveling to the United States. This process is not only for US carriers but all airlines flying to or over the USA and are included in both the MSP and the AOSSP. Such assessments can benefit and assist to contain terror threats and the level of Drug Smuggling. Based on our longterm experience, Checkport has developed a Passenger Interview Process that has been accepted by the TSA.

In addition, Checkport has developed a Behaviour Detection assessment program. This is an implementation of an extra level of security to prevent, Illegal travel, Forgeries, Impostors & Human smuggling to name a few.


For training enquiries please contact:
Mark Roduner
Head of Training

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Checkport Switzerland is specialized in passenger handling and training of US and non US flights according to the requirements specified by the TSA and national Authorities.