Travel Document Evaluation

Creating INAD's is a cost driver for Airlines and Handling Agents. Travel Document Evaluation is a complex task. In basic and advanced courses you learn to handle it safely as well under stress and preasure situation.


Basic Training Document Verification Bonafide

  • Document Verification, why is it important and beneficial for Airlines?
  • Introduction to documents and what are they?
  • EU, EEA, EFTA, Schengen countries explained
  • Inspection process: Passports, visas, travel documents
  • MRZ: Machine Readable Zone, what can information is there?
  • Visa entry requirements for any destination of your choice
  • Multiple country regulations available
  • Understanding Schengen and what are the entry requirements?
  • Customer service and how to communicate with passengers

Basic Training Document Verification Malafide

  • Definition of terminology
  • Why do persons travel with incorrect documents?
  • Basic Security Features and how to recognize them
  • Forgeries, altered, photo substitution, blank stolen, fantasy, illegally obtained
  • Imposters
  • Passenger assessment how to ask the right questions
  • Suspicious signs that can be seen before confronting passengers
  • Variety of documents provided for comparison and inspection

Advanced Training Document Verification Malafide

  • Security Features and how to recognize them
  • Suspicious Signs in Appearance & Behaviour/Signs of Anxiety
  • Passenger assessment how to ask the right questions
  • Forgeries, altered, photo substitution, blank stolen, fantasy, illegally obtained
  • Imposter detection
  • Coding MRZ: Check digits

IATA reports 60’000 passengers turning back at destination or transfer point by immigration authorities each year. Average fines of $3000.00 per Inadmissible passenger occurs, plus costs for home lift and offloading other passengers.


Pending on your requirements there is a number of options and training criteria involving Document Verification including language and delivering capabilities (LMS, Instructor led, or webinar). All trainings can be carried out directly at your location or in Zurich if more convenient for your operation/Team.

As mentioned, fines to the carrier and station can multiply and accumulate very quickly and places pressure on the agents and management. This is not a combination that is healthy or productive.

Checkports training modules can be delivered over different periods pending on area in question. Workshops are also available and can be delivered in a number of languages taking into consideration of cultures regulations and


This course is an introduction to documents that are required to travel. Without this basic knowledge it cannot be expected that agents responsible for Document Verification can operate at an optimal level.

This dedicated training is carried out over 1 day and leaves the agents with a knowledge of documentation that will benefit and boost performance and confidence. All documentation, examples and final exam and certificate will be supplied for this course. Modules contain up to date images for your region and video content to assist in a clear transparent information.


Destinations flying to a Schengen country face multiple document challenges due to a range of complicated entry requirements. Schengen entry regulations have basic entry regulations that apply to all members. However, there are county specifics that vary from country to country that need to be considered.

Schengen Entry requirements covers an extensive overview of Schengen entry regulations and requirements. Schengen history and Schengen documentation. This training includes Nationals, residents, visitors and others (Seaman, Refugees, Military etc.)

There are many requirements that are not only concentrating on visas, validity, inspecting stamps for the 90 day stay in a 180-day period etc. The Schengen area has specific regulations that differ from country to country which may include but not limited to, Health insurance requirements, invitation letters, daily financial requirements and overstays etc..

Checkport offers different levels of Schengen course modules from introduction to Schengen to extensive Schengen regulations. This will bring clarity and confidence to your team of check in agents and create an atmosphere that will additionally enhance customer service. Checkport can concentrate on individual Countries or the entire Schengen area. These courses are carried out pending on requirements from 1 to 4 days pending on your request. Modules contain up to date images, documentation for your region and video content to assist in a clear transparent information. Training Instructor will additionally attend your Check-In area for live OJT and hands on assistance when required or requested at no extra cost when being in the agreed training period.


For training enquiries please contact:
Mark Roduner
Head of Training

​​​​​[email protected]

Checkport Switzerland is specialized in passenger handling and training of US and non US flights according to the requirements specified by the TSA and national Authorities.