Checkport Training Centre

Training Structure

From Security Agent to Trainer status we offer a wide range of courses, modules and trainings.

Training Strucuture

All training coordination, adjustments and updating will be carried out by the Checkport training department. Local and/or Airline specifics will be communicated to Checkport Switzerland to be reflected in the stations training syllabus. Images/Video data of station task areas will be sent to Checkport Switzerland for station tailor made modules when required.

When a training is announced, Checkports training department will assign the training content modules on Checkports LMS for previewing.

Administrative instruction documents and all modules published in word will be provided to the station. Training certificates will be produced and distributed to the station accordingly.

Instructor certification and selection for American Airlines (ISP) instructor or U.S. carriers must be first approved by Corporate Security of the responsible airline.

Train the Trainer courses are delivered to Swissport entities only.