Checkport Training Centre

Instructor Training for Swissport Stations

Our train the Trainer program for all Swissport stations worldwide is part of your success in passenger handling.

Instructor Training

Our Aviation security Trainer program is based on modern modules adapted to aviation. Trainer courses are only taught by selected trainers with extensive experience. We offer this service in cooperation with Swissport International exclusively for all Swissport stations worldwide.

  • Candidate must have and currently be active in Aviation Security operations for a minimum of 3 years
  • Candidate must hold a Train the Trainer certificate: If not this can additionally be delivered by Checkport


  • Candidate must observe Checkport expert instructor an entire live training with new agents to take notes on training content delivery
  • Candidate must deliver an entire live training observed by Checkport expert instructor. Expert instructor will hold briefings/Post briefings daily with trainee instructor.
  • Evaluations will be compiled to assist in assessing trainee instructor’s completion. Evaluations will be provided by trainee agents, expert instructor and self-evaluation by trainee instructor.
  • Final assessment report containing confidence levels, clarity of speech, content of entire training delivered, delivery technique,
  • Certification

Certification and selection for American Airlines (ISP) instructor or U.S. carriers must be first approved by American Airlines Corporate Security or the U.S. airline Cooperate Security.

All training coordination, adjustments and updating will be carried out by the Checkport training department. Local and/or Airline specifics will be communicated to Checkport Switzerland to be reflected in the stations training syllabus. Images/Video data of station task areas will be sent to Checkport Switzerland for station tailor made modules when required.

When a training is announced, Checkports training department will assign the training content modules on Checkports LMS for previewing. Administrative instruction documents and all modules published in word will be provided to the station. Training certificates will be produced and distributed to the station accordingly.